It's so easy to go on an artist's Spotify page and see their most popular songs, but have you ever wondered which are the least-played? Shockingly, we were curious which of Slipknot's songs have gotten the least amount of streams, so we started our investigation.

This is something anyone can do themselves, but we wanted to make it easier for you, as Spotify's discographies can be a bit complex to go through. For example, a 10th anniversary edition of an album is listed as a separate album from the original one, but the amount of streams on the songs are the same no matter which version it is... you lost yet? No? Good.

We didn't care to go through live or compilation albums, so for the sake of this list, we only counted songs from Slipknot, Iowa, Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses, All Hope Is Gone, .5: The Gray Chapter, We Are Not Your Kind and the one-off singles "All Out Life" (2018), "The Chapeltown Rag" (2021) and any bonus tracks from the aforementioned albums. Instrumental/intro tracks weren't counted either — full-length tracks only.

Disclaimer — a lower number of streams doesn't determine the quality of a song. So we aren't going into this saying, "These Are the Slipknot Songs That People Hate the Most," we literally just wanted to gather their least-played tracks into a gallery out of curiosity. Besides, they don't have a song with fewer than 3 million streams/

We should also note that the five songs highlighted on an artist's page aren't necessarily their Top 5 most-played either. As for Slipknot, the five that are currently shown are "Duality" and "Before I Forget" from Vol. 3, "Psychosocial" from All Hope Is Gone, "Custer" from The Gray Chapter and "Unsainted" from We Are Not Your Kind. But, when you press "Show More," there are other songs lower in the Top 10 that actually have more streams. However, you still get a general idea that these are their most well-known tracks, so we're sticking with our "least-played" angle here.

Scroll below to see the least-played Slipknot songs on Spotify.

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