My name is Breanna Lambrech.  I love hard rock, because it can span many emotions, and ideas in a wide spanning, variety of a genre. Rock is definitely like that but hard rock is the best!

My favorite band lately has been Berried Alive, Gojira is god-tier making it on all my playlists lately as well. Every song on this playlist is from some of my favorite bands!

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While I never formally attend concerts anymore, I'm working them, in one of the best seats in the house. Tool concert was hands down my favorite, From the performance of the band, to the visuals they put on during the beginning of the show.

Check out my playlist here:

  • Lost in the static - After the Burial
  • This could be anywhere in the world - Alexisonfire
  • Panic Room - Silent Planet
  • Raspberry Cough - Colletta
  • The Art Of Dying - Gojira
  • Strawberry Serenity - Berried Alive
  • Hypochondria - Dragged Under
  • Low - Wage War
  • The End of Heartache- Killswitch Engage
  • Two Weeks - All That Remains
  • Cause of Death - Motionless in White
  • Bleed - Meshugga
  • Second & Sebring - Of Mice & Men

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