After I finally registered my car and got my Iowa plates two weeks ago (yeah, I've been busy) I should have known this would happen.  The junk mail.  The postcards and envelopes that look like they might be important but you know they aren't.

The "your car warranty vehicle notice" letters.  They design these things to look official and important.  They will say alert notice.  They'll have bar codes on them which mean nothing.  It will have a picture of your state.  It will say "immediate response".  They'll put codes on them and dates on them that make it all look important.  But they are not, they are a junk scam.

I have issues with this on many levels.

First off, I'm used to seeing these so I know they are all junk.  So I throw them away.  However, is there ever going to be that one time I don't look close enough to something that kind of looks like this but is actually important and just toss it.

Why is my car being registered with the state then turned into public information?  Is that necessary?  Actually, why is the government taking my information, letting scammers get it, and then the government agency (US Mail) giving me those scams.  Seriously, WTF.

I'm not a tree hugger, but I do my part to try and save this planet for my child.  While this is only a couple of the letters I received in the days since registering my car, you know more is on the way.  What a waste.  Paper, space, energy, ink...all of it, just a waste.

Now I'm not one for government to get involved in things.  However this is their mess so I feel like they need to clean it up.  Either stop the information from getting out in the first place, or don't have the US Mail deliver it.

Of course I don't expect this to change.  So instead I'm going to need to either bottle up all the rage I feel towards these...and maybe I'll start saving all of them to light camp fires.  Seems like a better use of paper and I'll enjoy watching them get lit up.

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