Win Ice Nine Kills tickets!  You made it through the Factory of Fear, now enjoy some INK on November 21.  Sign up below to win!

Tis the season for ghosts, goblins, ghouls and getting the shit scared out of you.  There is no better place for that, than the Factory of Fear in Moline.  Join I-Rock 93.5 Saturday, September 25 from 8-10pm to really get the Halloween season started.

Factory of Fear has been voted the best haunted house in Illinois.  The Factory of Fear is not a place for the timid and not a place where you will see things you've seen before.  There is no Jason or Freddy.  The actors at the Factory of Fear build their own costumes.  How do they come up with their designs?  "Mostly from the crew member nightmares and day tremors" according to their website

In it's 27th season of celebrating all things scary, Factory of Fear is always evolving.  After adding almost 5000 square feet in 2020 and another 5000 square feet in 2021, the haunt has 40 plus rooms of terror. Plus, while I-Rock 93.5 is on site, you can show your children the horror of somebody that chose a career in radio.  That is the scariest thing you'll see anywhere.

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Think you can make it through without soiling yourself.  Well, actually it doesn't matter if you do or don't crap your pants, everybody that comes out on September 25 can sign up to win Ice Nine Kills tickets.  I mean, what other tickets are we going to give you at a haunted house.  Plus, I-Rock 93.5 swag and other random haunted stuff from the Rock & Roll Mansion.  I'm sure there is something around with the ghosts of DJs past.

Factory of Fear.  5027 4th Ave in Moline.  Get scared and get hard with I-Rock 93.5.


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