Not only do you have a chance to get your scream on this weekend, May 20th and 21st, but you might also get the chance to be a TV star! The Factory of Fear in Moline is welcoming How2Media, producers of the popular television show "World's Greatest!..." to film during Factory of Fear: INFECTED -  Oops All Shango!

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Factory of Fear is celebrating 29 years of screams of thrills in the Quad Cities, and has become one of the top haunted attractions in the country.  Its no wonder they have been selected to be on "World's Greatest!..."

"We think their story will be entertaining as well as educational to our viewers." said Kyle Freeman, Executive Producer of the show.

So what's new for this go around at Factory of Fear?  Voodoo priest Shango has been trying to clone himself for quite a while now but has been fairly unsuccessful as you will see by all of his failed clones polluting the haunt.  INFECTED is a zombie based escape type game like no other inside the whole haunted house.  There is no start or finish like a traditional tour.  You are placed inside the middle of the haunt and assigned a guide to keep track of your group and help navigate you safely.  You have 20 minutes inside the haunt to find the serum and cure the infected.  There is no set path, only chaos.  Will your survive the infected, or join them?

Factory of Fear

Tickets are limited due to time restraints and can be purchased online at  Or you can use the direct ticket link here. There is a possibility of selling out online and not being able to be purchased at the door.  Make sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to your ticket time!  Head on out to the Factory of Fear on Saturday to get your chance to be a TV star! If nothing else, get a good scare while you're there!

Factory of Fear

Ghosts Of The Station

Today we will be looking at three ghost sightings, and the spots they were seen at.

These three "Ghosts" could all be the same one or three different ones. Though I still think the Music video ghost is by far the creepiest. As far as we know that was the only figure we ever caught on film, and not just in a picture.

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