As I go through the entire playlist A-Z and giveaway all these Sevendust tickets as I play songs from Sevendust (a lot of "D" songs) I started to think about what my favorite 7D songs were. Cause I am very, very ready for the show next Tuesday (6/29).  So I put together a list of the top 9.  Cause it was a good way to watch videos and spend some quality time at work.

It is crazy to look at their discography for two reasons.  First off, I can't believe they have been doing this since 1997.  When I was graduating high school they were cranking out "Black".  24 years of rock.  And even more impressive, other than a brief stint from 2004-2008 when Clint wasn't in the band, it's all the same guys.  Find me another band that can say they have the same members from 1997.  The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Tool.

Now here is the second thing knowing all that, how is it that Sevendust has one top 10 song.  Typically you don't stay together that long without being a major success.  Yes, they've had a lot in the top 40, but only Unraveling in 2010 made it to number 7.  Three others that reached number 10 and then a bunch in the teens.  I don't get that.  They are a good rock band that isn't overly heavy to scare away some of the more wussy stations out there.  They are great live.  So amazing to fans.  What is missing...I don't get it.

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With all that said, I went through all their songs and put this list of 9 together.  Yes, they are all singles.  I'm not the "deep rare track" type of fan.  But the great thing with 7D, you could list out 38 songs of theirs and they would be singles and songs you know.  These are just the ones I like the most.

9 - Thank You.  From 2015's "Kill The Flaw" album.  It just has everything you expect with Sevendust.  Driving guitars, those drums and some great lyrics.  "So thanks for coming around and pushing my head back to the ground."

8 - Angel's Son.  Both versions are great.  But I love this one they did as a tribute to Lynn Strait from Snot.  The fact that all the artists from the tribute album (Strait Up) are in the below video with all the friends and family.  Those aren't tears in my eyes...actually yes, yes they are.

7 - Denial.  This is Sevendust's most watched video on YouTube with 8.5 million views.  Should be more.  Watch it a couple times.

6 - Waffle.  Both Waffle and Denial are from their second album "Home" and I had a hard time choosing which one went before the other on my list.  But I just love the guitar thump on this one.

5 - Prodigal Son.  This song made it to number 19 on the charts and isn't a normal one that people would put on their list.  But I've always been a fan.  Just another example of Lajon's great vocal range.

4 - Ugly.  This is always a fan favorite at shows.  Driving, hard, yet melodic.  Mixing in the Morgan screams just takes this one to another level for me.

3- Dying To Live.  I really like "The Day I Tried To Live" as well from Sevendust's latest album "Blood & Stone" but at the end of the day, need to go with the original and not the remake.  24 years after they started, and they are still pumping out great songs like this is just not what you get very often.

2 - Bitch/Too Close To Hate/Black.  Ok this is a cop out.  You've probably been wondering where all these songs were on this list and started thinking I lost my damn mind.  No, I'm just putting all of them at number 2.  The self titled debut album just thumped.  And I can't pick one over the other.

1 - Praise.  The second most Sevendust video on YouTube.  So maybe I'm not alone in having this as a favorite.  From 2001's "Animosity" to me Praise has everything that makes Sevendust great.  I mean, so many are great...but this is the one to me that I'll be hoping for on Tuesday night at The Rust Belt.

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