Americans continue to live longer but depending on the state you live in, you might be cutting yourself short.

Below you will see the life expectancy at birth for Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois, and why it might be time to move.

What is the average life expectancy in America?


The average American will live for 77.28 years.  That's up from the 69.77 years that we were expected to live back in 1960.  So already you are ahead with an extra 8 years on this big blue ball.

While that number is up, and not close to the worst in the world, we've got a way to go before we get to the country with the longest life expectancy.  That distinction goes to Hong Kong at 85.29 years.

What States Have The Best Life Expectancy?

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Now if you don't want to move to the other side of the world to stretch out a few more years, here are the best states in America for life expectancy.

  1. Hawaii - 80.7
  2. Washington - 79.2
  3. Minnesota - 79.1

Seeing Hawaii at the top wasn't a surprise. Chillin' on a beach with sun, fresh fish, and fruit. Makes sense. Washington...ok. But Minnesota? How did that Midwest state end up in the top 3? Must be all that lutefisk.

What States Have The Worst Life Expectancy?

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On the other end of the rope, you have these states.

48 - Louisiana - 73.1
49 - West Virginia - 72.8
50 - Mississippi - 71.9

You might like the warm weather the south provides, but looking at the bottom 10 in life expectancy maybe the cold isn't that bad.

Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin Life Expectancy

Burger and beer
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That burger, fries, and beer combo is just a reminder of why we in the Midwest (except for the oddity of Minnesota) don't live as long as Hawaii or Japan.

Wisconsin life expectancy checks in at 77.7 years.  Just slightly better than Iowa at 77.5.  But then there is Illinois at 76.8.  Almost an entire year less than its neighbors to the north and west.  At least it's better than Indiana which checks in at 75.0.  Yikes.

Hopefully, you will prove the stats wrong and live a long happy life.  But maybe next time you are at a Chicago pizzeria you'll order the salad instead of the deep dish triple pepperoni.

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