Normally, if I tell you there's a diner where the people are very rude, you'd take that as a bad thing. However, there is what looks like a new place in St. Louis that wears that "rude" label like a badge of courage.

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Have you ever heard of Karen's Diner? It's the most unique approach to being a diner I've ever seen. They are all "Karens" there - and they'd like to speak with your manager right now.

Karen's Diner via YouTube
Karen's Diner via YouTube

They say on their official website:

Karen's FIRST EVER opening in the USA is heading to Missouri and our team of Karen's are ready to challenge you to a battle of SASS!

That's SASS in ALL CAPS because they are not afraid to tell you what's on their mind while you enjoy their food.

They also shared a fun video of what going into Karen's Diner in St. Louis is like. Be warned you will see obscene words and symbols...because of Karens.

The kicker is they seem to be having a grand time enjoying all that rudeness. By the way, you don't have to go to St. Louis to get chewed out by a "Karen". They also have a Cameo channel where they'll send you a rude message no matter where you are. Nice...oh, wait.

Will a rude diner thrive in the big city? We shall see. Everyone in the video (including the girls who have been labeled "basic" by Karen) seem to be enjoying themselves. That's not very Karen of them.

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