Every Friday at 6:00 pm you get the chance to host your own hour on I-Rock 93.5.  You choose the playlist and come in and talk about the songs.  All you need to do is sign up here and then watch your email.  We'll get you in here...eventually!

Question one - Who are you?

My name is Tim Chavez, I am a student here at St Ambrose and I play guitar in an upcoming Chicago punk band called Pure Intention. We have been nominated for Chicago's Best Punk band of 2022 so I think that's pretty oool.

Question two - Why do you love hard rock?

I grew up on it and was basically the basis for me discovering what I was really into and what bands or genres of music I would enjoy. I think if you wanted to get into rock, metal, or punk, hard rock would be a good place to start.

Question three - Who is your favorite band/artist?

It's a tie between The Misfits and The Vines and AC/DC. I love all three equally and they have all had a major impact on me.

Question four - What is the best concert you've ever seen?

The best concert I've seen was either The Misfits or Stone Temple Pilots.

My playlist:

  1. Misfits- Die Die My Darling
  2. Rose Tattoo- Nice Boys
  3. Ramones- Bonzo Goes to Bitbug
  4. Rancid- Fall Back Down
  5. Descendants- Everything Sux
  6. Turnstile- Holiday
  7. The Star Spangles- I Live for Speed
  8. The Bouncing Souls- Hopeless Romantic
  9. The Vines- Get Free
  10. Amyl and the Sniffers- Gacked on Anger
  11. The Chats- Out on the Street
  12. AC/DC- Rock n Roll Damnation
  13. Social Distortion- Mommy's Little Monster

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