Perhaps the past year has brought you some good, in general 2020 has pretty much sucked. There are countless reasons why we can't wait to flip the calendar over to January.  So many that it's seemingly impossible to condense everything down to one four minute clip of just how miserable the past twelve months have been.

But somehow (miraculously) one of the local music collectives featured here on I-Rock 93.5 has done just that. Ravenation released their new single "2020" reminding us of the many unfortunate events that took place in this very year. The video clip was compiled by one of the station's other featured local artists Ibuprofanity, who appear on the I-Rock 93.5 Local Stage CD, Volume 1.

Speaking of which, that very disc is available at select local retailers! Don't forget to visit Shumaker Guitar Works, Co-Op Records in Moline, and Premier Jewelry & Loan in either Muscatine or Davenport to pick up a copy for just $7! It contains so much awesome music from 17 different local bands, and all proceeds go to Toys For Tots!  Full details on the CD here.


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