Going on a first (or any early relationship) date can be stressful.  What to wear?  Where to go?  Make sure you don't scratch that itch.  What do you talk about?  The what to talk about question is the always the trickiest, but even more in 2020.

First dates are supposed to be fun and light to just figure out if you are mildly interested in a person enough to see them again.  But in 2020, it's all different.  Hey let's talk about...world events.  What type of mask you like to wear.  Sports.  Travel.  Asteroids, earthquakes, plagues, fires....damn.  Everything current and relative is depressing.  And you don't want to talk about "what things were like before everything became not-normal".

Oh, and course stay off your phone (unless you have a bail out call set up) and don't talk about any ex.  Should go without saying, but just a reminder.

Here are 9 things to talk about on a first date that hopefully, won't lead you down a path that looks like a Twitter feed.   (FYI...these can also be used in any family function and work environment to save yourself from arguments)

What To Talk About In 2020


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