Nearly every person has some connection with Mental Health and Substance addiction issues.  Themselves, friends, family members.  The issue has become more prevalent and one local group and musician are teaming up together to raise awareness and money for the program to help those struggling with mental health and substance addiction.

Life Connections Peer Recovery Services is holding a fundraising event to expand their programing of peer recovery service to Eastern Iowa.  Saturday, April 30 at Unimpaired (246 W 3rd St, Davenport) from 6pm - 9pm there will be a silent auction, raffle, food, and live music from Random Tanner.

Who is Life Connections Peer Services?

Life Connections Peer Recovery Services is a not-for-profit organization that supports individuals who are experiencing Mental Health and Substance addiction issues and who want to work on their recovery goals and situations before getting into a crisis situation. Life Connections Peer Services will serve all individuals whether or not they can pay and accept tax-deductible donations. Life Connections Peer Recovery Services covers Scott, Clinton, Jackson, Cedar, and Muscatine counties.

Clinton's Own Random Tanner Performing Live

Random Tanner most recently got the party started when he opened at The Rust Belt for TechN9ne. Tanner, or RT, grew up, had children and with maturity came a different view of his musical pursuit.  One of Tanner's most popular songs "Back When We Were Kids" is a collaboration with Alex Fischbach.  The song mourns Anthony Davis a friend of Tanner's and member of I.O.E.

Tanner continues to support his hometown of Clinton and Eastern Iowa and supports the recovery of mental health and substance issues.

Find out more about the event below and on Random Tanner's Facebook page.

Life Connections
Life Connections

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