With Halloween approaching, some Quad City kids are pulling some tricks before they go out and get some treats. One of those tricks is the classic ding dong ditch prank. While this is one of the least harmful pranks to pull, the funniest part about the prank in 2021 is a lot of people have doorbells with cameras and can see the culprits trying to be funny.

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Back in February, my wife and I bought our first-ever home firmly planting our routes in the Quad Cities. We purchased our home on the west end of Davenport and we love our neighbors and neighborhood. Recently, some new neighbors have moved in and with them came a lot of kids.

These kids love playing outside which I appreciate. They haven't been loud, disrespectful, or have broken anything. I have noticed they like to hang out in my yard on the corner, but kids do weird things and it isn't hurting anything. Trust me, this isn't a "get of my lawn" moment.

Recently though, we've had a couple of kids try to pull the classic ding dong ditch prank on my wife and me. We don't have kids and we aren't old and naggy. I'm not sure why they decided to pick our house to ding dong ditch, but they have.

The best thing about this prank in 2021 is that people have doorbells with cameras on them. We have a Ring Doorbell that captures almost every motion and it for sure takes a video of every time the doorbell rings. You would think that the younger generation whose lives are filled with technology would see Ring Doorbell cameras and avoid ding dong ditching those houses. Apparently not my neighborhood kids.

What these kids also don't know is that a radio DJ with B100 is one of the people they are ding dong ditching. And I have zero problems calling them out or showing you the kids ding dong ditching my house.

I edited the videos so you can't see the kid's faces because that wouldn't be cool. In all seriousness, I think it's actually pretty funny. They have done it during the middle of the day when we are awake and we don't have babies that they could possibly be waking up.

Plus, they aren't egging my car, spray painting my fence, or doing any serious damage to our property. If ding dong ditching is the worst it gets, I think I have some well-raised kids running around my neighborhood.

I doubt they'll read this article so I'll tell you, those kids have a little trick coming their way trick-or-treat night.

Happy trick-or-treating and happy Halloween, Quad Cities!

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