This has been a rough winter for Quad Cities roads.  That's what happens when it rains, snows two feet, hits -20, then melts in a few weeks.

Between all that damage from the plows and then the melting snow flowing through the streets like a waterfall the city streets have experienced a "few" potholes.  And there is a good chance your car has hit at least one of these.

If there is still a bad pothole in your neighborhood you can report it.  But if it's too late for your car...or your spouse's, kids', or parent's car, then maybe it's time to get some new tires on that ride.

That is why we are hooking you up with new tires from Duck Creek Tire & Service! 

Win New Tires From Duck Creek Tire & Service

Duck Creek Tire
Duck Creek Tire

Duck Creek Tire & Sevice is your auto everything.  It's where we take the station vehicle when things go wrong, cause they do, and now you can take your ride there as well for some new tires.

It's very simple to win the new tires.  Just sign up below on our app.  Don't have our app?  That's odd.  You totally should get it.

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With our app, you can easily win all sorts of things, get the latest news and info, and of course, listen to us from anywhere in the world.

So either download our app or open it now and sign up to win some new tires just in time for spring and summer driving season from Duck Creek Tire & Service!

*Contest ends March 10, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.
*Winner to receive up to $1,000 in a set of 4 new tires and everything needed to install.
*Prize must be redeemed by November 30, 2024

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