This could be a sad statement, but nothing will bring a community together like a natural disaster.  No fights over masks, or politics or which baseball team is better.  Just neighbors and strangers helping each other clean up and get through another 2020 day.

As I go through Facebook I see these people helping and it makes me happy.  So I want to share some of that joy with you.

First off, The Shameless Choloholic opening their freezer to folks still without power!  Your cold freezer warms my heart.

Next up, in West Liberty Iowa helping to feed city workers.  If you can't help city and electric workers right now, just give them a thumbs or some rock hands and say thank you!

Cool Beanz coffee keeping emergency workers going today with a drop off.

Inner hippie alert time.  We lost a lot of big beautiful trees from this storm.  And that sucks.  I think we take them for granted.  So it's good to see Augustana pointing out ones that survived!

Ok this one isn't really happy cause this little guy is still in a shelter, but pictures of puppies make us smile and you can make it a super happy post if you adopt him!

This came in from our friends down the hall at B100.  I like to give them a hard time, but the afternoon hosts sister rescued a bunch of baby birds!

That is all I have for now.  I'll add to this as I find more.  Feel free to point me in the direction of more positive news and keep the other stuff to yourself.  :)

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QC Storm Damage

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