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Cedar Rapids House
Cedar Rapids House

It's been well over a week and many people are still without power throughout eastern Iowa. Cedar Rapids was hit the hardest during last weeks Derecho and many are still without power.

Yesterday, the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities said that the southwest part of Cedar Rapids had wind speeds reach 140 mph. People have severe damage to their homes, trees are still blocking roads and power is still out for about 16,000+ people in Cedar Rapids. 

Knowing our listeners and the Quad Cities community, there are plenty of those out there that would love to help. I know the QC was hit by the same storm, but our neighbors to the west really could use our help.

Here is a message from Brooke, Jeffrey & Jose encouraging you to help.

Below is a list of links for you to click on to see how you can help others just an hour away from the QC:

1. Iowa Derecho Resources Facebook Group: This would be the best first reference to look at in order to find out how to help!

2. Make donations to the Red Cross to help with disaster relief

3. Donate to the Salvation Army for disaster relief or you can volunteer to help

5.  Volunteer to help through United Way

6. Donate to Feed Iowa First in order to provide fresh food from farmers to residents in need

7. Donate to Hawkeye Area Community Action Plan who are providing food and disaster relief

There are many more ways just like this to help out fellow Iowans recover from this disaster whether you want to volunteer or can only donate, every little bit help. You can find more ways to help just like these by clicking here.

QC Storm Damage

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