It's great when the rock family can get together on a Tuesday night for some great live music.  That is just what we did, again, at The Rust Belt in East Moline for Pop Evil, Eva Under Fire, Lines of Loyalty, and Cairo Knife Fight.

Remember the show, or look at what you missed and why you shouldn't miss the next one, by checking out the professional pictures below.

Eva Under Fire

Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram
Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram

If you haven't had a chance to watch Eva Under Fire yet what are you waiting for?  A fun, high-energy, powerful show.  The band is great and Eva can go from sweet and soulful to rock and rippin' all in one song.

They are also the coolest band that will hang out at their merch and take pictures with every person that comes by.  Or you'll just find Eva hanging out in the audience enjoying the rest of the concert.

You can see them again, or for the first time, very soon.  They'll be back in town with Finger Eleven and 10 Years on September 3.  Get your tickets today.

Pop Evil

Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram
Rylee Daniel Photography @rylee_360 on Instagram

Sometimes you go to concerts and even if you are not a super fan you just start saying, "I know this one.  And this one.  And this one.".  That is the case with Pop Evil.  It was at least 30 minutes into their 90-minute set when they played a song that I didn't recognize.

The night was filled with songs we could all sing along to.  The last time I saw Pop Evil was about 6 years ago and honestly didn't love that show.  But this one at The Rust Belt sounded great and had the energy and the look that made it a fantastic performance.

It was a great stage setup and the band roamed and owned the stage like they've been there before.  They also said that if they would have known that many people would show up on a Tuesday night, they would have come on a weekend.  We'll hold them to that next time.

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We'll see you soon at the next show which right now is Finger Eleven and 10 Years with Eva Under Fire at The Rust Belt on September 3.  And then of course, the 4 Freakin' Years of Hard Rock Anniversary Party on September 15 with Nonpoint, Alborn, Through Fire, and NonGrata.  Just a reminder...that one is free and for all ages!

Pop Evil and Eva Under Fire at The Rust Belt

It didn't matter that it was a Tuesday night. When there is rock in the Quad Cities the rockers show up and I-Rock 93.5 will be there with them. Check out the awesome pictures from Eva Under Fire and Pop Evil at The Rust Belt in East Moline, Illinois.

Powerman 5000 at The Rust Belt in East Moline

Powerman 5000 rocked the Rust Belt in East Moline with Julien-K and Priest. Check out the pictures and then your concert leader, I-Rock 93.5, will see you at the next show

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