If Disney World is the most magical place on Earth for kids, then a Tool concert is the most magical place on Earth for rock fans.  It was sensory overload at the TaxSlayer center with the sounds, sites and yes, smells.

The night started by hanging out on the concourse talking with you.  It was great to see the rock family I know and meet a lot of new Quad Cities rockers too.  Pictures were taken.  Drinks were drunk.  Conversations of Tool and all the upcoming shows happened.

You can see those pictures, along with the ones I took at the END OF THE SHOW, here on Facebook before you scroll down to check out the professional pictures.

Once we all found our seats (some of us came in late and had to find them in the dark) it was Tool time.  Two hours, and fifteen minutes of Tool time.

The setlist included:

  • Fear Inoculum
  • Opiate
  • The Pot
  • Pushit
  • Pneuma
  • The Grudge
  • Right in Two
  • Descending
  • Hooker With a Penis
  • Chocolate Chip Trip
  • Culling Voices
  • Invincible

Yes, those 12 songs lasted over 2 hours.  You know that is how Tool rolls.

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The first three songs were all performed behind this translucent curtain which allowed you to see the band but also projected some of their images giving it a 3D effect.  You'll be able to see parts of the stringy curtain in the pics below.

From the old of Opiate to the new of Pneuma, Tool covered as much of their 30-year history as they could when playing super long and extended songs.

Maynard did his Maynard thing standing in the back on platforms on each side of the drum kit.  While he was more in the dark than the rest of the band, there have been other shows that he was even more hidden.  At one point Maynard did disappear behind Danny's drums to do...something.  They have not posted the video yet, but you can see what they've done at other shows.  Hopefully, they post ours as well.

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Danny played those drums the way only Danny can.  He is just working the entire time.  Adam was stoic.  But it's hard to see him as well with all that hair covering his face.  Justin was really the only one that was playing to the crowd, pointing to folks, smiling, and rocking out.

The Quad Cities had to wait through the shutdown for this one to come back, and the wait was worth it.  Check out the pics below from this amazing show from Tool.

Keep Looking at Photos of Tool at The TaxSlayer Center

It was an amazing night of sound and visuals at Tool at the TaxSlayer Center in Moline. Everyone in the building wanted to take pictures during the show, but with the Tool no photo rule, only the final song was really captured. However, with a photo pass, we were able to get more pics for you to remember the night. Of course you know how dark it was, and that they had a curtain up during the photo time but our photographer still captured some amazing pictures from Tool.

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