Mayhem guitarist Teloch is currently under quarantine after returning to Norway from the United States last month. His isolation period was just extended as he is exhibiting symptoms for COVID-19, the disease brought on by the coronavirus.

In a social media update, Teloch posed for the camera wearing a surgical mask and latex gloves, giving the lens the middle finger as he commented on his health. The black metal axeman confirmed he has tested positive for "a virus," but did not name what that virus was.

Furthermore, he elaborated on Norway's coronavirus testing procedure, explaining that only people in the "risk zone" and healthcare workers receive the test. "Not enough tests to do us all," Teloch lamented.

He is, however, recovering nearly a month after returning home once Mayhem's co-headlining North American tour with Abbath was officially canceled. "I’m already getting better so don’t feel sorry for me," urged Teloch.

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Instagram: teloch.mayhem
Instagram: teloch.mayhem

Mayhem's most recent album, Daemon, was released last year and marked their sixth full length release. For Teloch, it was his second album with the group after joining in 2011, the first being 2014's Esoteric Warfare. Additionally, Nidingr, of which Teloch is the sole remaining original member, released their fourth album, The High Heat Licks Against Heaven, in 2017.

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