The river that divides the Quad Cities creates more than some slowdowns on bridges every now and then.  It also means completely different sets of laws for Quad Citizens based on what side of the bridge they are on.

In the case of recording a phone call or in-person conversation, it's again, different on both sides of the river.

We just want to capture your excitement!

Pretty much every day we hook you up with something.  Cash.  Tickets.  Gift cards.  We're always rewarding you for listening by giving you things.  And when you call in to win, we want to record your phone call so we can share with the Quad Cities how excited you are that you just won something cool.

But, can we record our conversation?  Townsquare Media Quad Cities is located at 1229 Brady Street in Davenport Iowa.  So yes, yes we can.

Recording conversations in Iowa.

The majority of the country follows the Federal guidelines for recording conversations including phone conversations.  Federal law requires one-party consent.  This means you can record a phone call as long as you are a part of the conversation.  Even if you are not a part of the conversation but one person in the conversation gives you consent to record the call you still can as well.

Iowa specifically states:

Under the state eavesdropping statute, it is a serious misdemeanor to record an oral, telephone, or other communication without the consent of at least one party. The state wiretapping law provides that it is a felony to intercept or record any oral, wire, or electronic communication without the consent of at least one party.

Recording conversations in Illinois.

There are 15 states in America that go beyond the Federal Law for recording conversations.  One of them is Illinois.  According to Illinois requires both parties to consent.

The Illinois eavesdropping statute formerly required all parties to consent to the recording of any conversation or communication, or potentially face felony charges and/or civil liability. In 2014 the Illinois Supreme Court declared the law overly broad and unconstitutional. The statute was amended later that year to allow recording in public places, but still requires all parties to consent to recording conversations where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.

720 ILCS § 5/14-2 (definition), § 5/14-4 (penalty), § 5/14- 6 (civil damages), People v. Clark, 6 N.E.3d 154 (Ill. 2014)

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So if you want to record your conversation invite them to dinner in Davenport.  And when you call in to win something from excited about it.  Because we will record it to share with the rest of the Quad Cities how excited you were to win!

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