An Overland resident finds himself behind bars in St. Louis County, facing accusations of stealing $1,500 worth of vibrators from the Hustler Hollywood store in Berkeley.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY JAIL - Christopher Booth now faces a felony stealing charge.
- Christopher Booth now faces a felony stealing charge.

Overland, Missouri

Christopher Booth, aged 34, is accused of perpetrating the theft, which occurred during a Wednesday evening escapade last month. According to law enforcement officials, Booth entered the establishment and escaped with eight premium vibrators, clandestinely stashing them in a white trash bag before making his getaway.

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The stolen merchandise, identified as upscale vibrators crafted by renowned Swedish sex toy manufacturer LELO, holds a retail value just shy of $200 each.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Employees Encounted This Man Before

Booth's presence in the adult entertainment emporium had not gone unnoticed the day prior, as he engaged in a heated altercation with staff members, prompting his expulsion from the premises. Remarkably, his distinctive 314 neck tattoo served as an identifying marker, enabling employees to pinpoint him as the alleged perpetrator.

Finding The Stolen Goods

Subsequent investigations by law enforcement revealed the stolen goods listed for sale on the Facebook Marketplace, purportedly posted by Booth himself.

When questioned by authorities, Booth denied possessing a Facebook account, a claim promptly debunked by existing records.

Prosecutors filed the felony stealing charge against him yesterday. He's due in court in May.

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