A new recall impacts a food a lot of Illinois kiddos love.

Dinosaur chicken nuggets are one thing that I never fully grew out of. I'll eat them even today. They're just plain fun and yummy. But I probably wouldn't go for them right now if I got them in Illinois.

Illinois is one of just 9 states that received the recalled dinosaur nuggets.

The USDA said on Saturday that the recall involves nearly 30,000 pounds of the dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets because they might be contaminated with metal pieces. And there has been a "minor oral injury" reported in connection with the nuggets. That customer complaint is actually how they figured out there's an issue.

The Recall

What you're looking for are Tyson's 29-oz plastic bag packages that look like this:

Tyson Foods/CBS News
Tyson Foods/CBS News

They have a best-by date of Sept. 4th 2024 and were sent to 9 states including Wisconsin and Illinois.

The lot numbers you're looking out for are:

  • 2483BRV0207
  • 2483BRV0208
  • 2483BRV0209
  • 2483BRV0210

If you have any of these bags of nuggets, either throw them out or take them back to where you got them. Get your kiddos (and yourself) some good, non-recalled dinosaur chicken nuggets.

As far as what to look out for in the nuggets, Tyson said that the pieces of metal are "small and pliable". If you do happen to crunch down on a piece of metal from one of these nuggets, obviously you're advised to seek healthcare immediately. You can get more details about the recall on USDA's website.

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