The dating world in Illinois isn't looking too shabby.

We're heading into Valentine's Day season (or Singles Awareness Day) and if you're in the dating world around here, you know it's tough. Dating apps honestly suck, the process of meeting people gets redundant and stressful, it's just hard.

But maybe 2024 won't be so bad.

WalletHub found that Illinois is one of the best states for single people this year.


They looked at the Best & Worst States for Singles in 2024, and Illinois is the 6th best state for singles.

They looked at several factors to come up with this, in categories of Dating Opportunities, Dating Economics, and Romance & Fun. In some of the core categories, Illinois ranked:

  • 5th- Restaurants per capita
  • 7th- Median household income (adjusted for cost of living)
  • 10th- Movie Theaters per capita
  • 10th-Gender Balance of Singles
  • 13th- % of Single Adults
  • 14th- Mobile Dating Opportunities
  • 20th- Crime Rate
  • 25th- Online Dating Opportunities

Illinois ranked 5th for Dating Opportunities, 8th for Romance & Fun, and 34th for Dating Economics. It doesn't specify where in Illinois would be the easiest for you to find a quality match. If you're trying to date around in the QCA, you know it's a challenge but maybe the Illinois side might be easier?

The best state for singles this year is Florida, which I'm sure would give you plenty of entertaining date stories. Here's the full map with each state's ranking.

Source: WalletHub

West Virginia is the worst state for singles this year, but the Midwest is overall okay for eligible folks.

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