Feels like some of us are still recovering from this one.  The Rust Belt in East Moline was rockin' with Sevendust, Nonpoint, ill Nino, and Another Day Dawns.  As you can see below, the bands were feeding off the crowd and bringing it hard all night.

So many of you came out to kick 2022 to the dust. However, your point of view on the crowd depended on where in the Rust Belt you were standing.

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If you were in Party Pit, there wasn't much room to move around...unless you were moving around hard in the pit.  If you were in the front of the soundboard it was also packed tight.

But if you were behind the soundboard things loosened up.  And if you hung out in the back (by the big bar doors...or the I-Rock lit-up sign) you had enough room to dance, bounce or do cartwheels.  Not like I was doing cartwheels.  But I could have if I was coordinated.

Another Day Dawns

The night started with a newly signed band that is looking to get out and make their mark.  Another Day Dawns started the night with their 30 minutes of energy to quickly get the crowd going and then hung out all night at their merch booth.

ill Nino

No other show at the Rust Belt had this many drums on the stage.  And about 70% of them were ill Nino's.  They had a wall of drums from one side of the stage to the other and used every one of them to pound the room into a frenzy.


As you can see below, Nonpoint came out dressed in red and owned the stage.  Playing hits like "What A Day", "Ruthless", "Paper Tigers" and "Bullet With A Name On It" Nonpoint showed again why they are one of the best live performing bands and somebody that we need to keep bringing back.


When you watch them on stage it feels like they practice more than music but their movements as well.  The way they just all walk around and know exactly where each member will be during every point of every song.  You can tell they have been together for a long, long time.

The highlight of the night for me was, "Angel's Son" with the crowd holding up all their phone lights.  Chills for sure.

It was a great way to end 2022 and set us up for another awesome year of live music in the Quad Cities in 2023.  We'll see you at...all of them.

Sevendust and Nonpoint at The Rust Belt

This was the perfect way to end 2022. Sevendust, Nonpoint, ill Nino, and Another Day Dawns rocked the Rust Belt in East Moline on December 29. It was great to see so many of you and look forward to many more in 2023.

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