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Question one - Who are you?
My name is Joshua Bentley I am a local QC musician for the past 31 years. Lead singer for Pitch Black Manor...Quad Cities first goth rock band formed in 1989. Halloween party music for Halloween party people!

This article should sum it up a bit:

Question two - Why do you love hard rock?
"Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make". Bela Lugosi Dracula 1931...he summed it up perfectly.

Question three - Who is your favorite band/artist?
Skinny Puppy

Question four - What is the best concert you've ever seen?
The Revolting Cocks

My playlist:

Ministry- Everyday is Halloween
Pitch Black Manor- Going Down
Thrill Kill Kult-Burning Dirt
Pitch Black Manor - Blasphemy
Danzig- Possession
Pitch Black Manor- Castle
Skinny Puppy-Tin Omen
Revolting Cocks-Something Wonderful
Ministry- Stigmata
Misfits- Earth A.D.
Bauhaus-Ziggy Stardust
Sisters of Mercy-Ribbons
Pitch Black Manor- Gone

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