The people who own the hometown favorite Bug Soother company, Simply Soothing has sold their company. What started out as a home remedy for gnat repellant had turned into an international phenomenon and a very successful company in Columbus Junction.

A company in Cedar Rapids has bought the successful bug repellant company and the plan is to keep selling all the products. What a relief. I'm not sure how many bottles of this stuff I use every year, but it's a lot. I love it for so many reasons.

1. The homemade remedy was created right here in Iowa as a small business in Columbus Junction.

2. The gnat and bug repellant is all natural with simple ingredients like lemongrass and vanilla.

3. Bug Soother is safe to use on kids and pets.


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Gnats are horrible here in the midwest. It's either find a repellant or stay inside. That's why I keep a lot of this stuff around in my car, purse, patio and tackle box.

According to Simply Soothing is selling the business to ‘Eco Lips’ in Cedar Rapids and don't worry. They plan on keeping the 'recipe' going and selling Bug Soother products.

Original owner of Bug Soother, Freda Sojka isn't retiring. It's been her dream to help women who need a new start, so she's purchased a church camp in Letts, Iowa named Cedar River Ranch and she planning to start an event center, campground, and women’s transitional housing center at the ranch. says the women’s center will be called Cedar River Haven. They’re also starting a thrift store in the old Simply Soothing building in Columbus Junction called Haven’s Hope. Proceeds will go toward funding Cedar River Haven. It's a neat transition for a business owner who's done so much to help others.


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