If you're handy with tools and want to save money on your funeral, a Wisconsin company is now selling build-your-own-casket kits.

Funerals In Wisconsin or Illinois Are Not Cheap

Have you been involved with any funerals lately? They've gotten super expensive. A coffin can literally cost you thousands of dollars for something you'll only see for a couple of days before it's put in the ground. Who has that kind of money? Pretty much nobody. Some people will cut corners where they can to save cash. The latest is with the caskets. A Wisconsin company is now offering cheaper build-your-own versions.

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Wisconsin Company Now Offering Built Your Own Caskets

Wisconsin residents definitely do things in their own unique way. I think a couple of those traits are about saving money by building their own stuff. There was one thing that really surprised me. A company is now offering DIY caskets. I'm sure people living north of the Cheddar Curtain have thought about building their own coffins but just didn't know how. Now, a local company is going to help them.

Casket For Sale
Wisconsin's Build Your Own Casket Kit

The Casket Builder Supply has set up shop in Beaver Dam. They came up with a million-dollar idea that really helped make their company blow up. They're kind of like Ikea. They sell all the materials to make caskets and you're responsible for putting it together. For many, that's a nice solution if they can't afford to buy one, especially if they're handy.

According to tmj4.com,

As DIY crafting and home renovations continue exploding in popularity, one Wisconsin company has turned casket-making into a DIY industry.


They sell ready-to-build caskets and coffins starting at $700.

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