Winter is here and temps continue to drop across the Quad Cities.  For many in Iowa and Illinois that can mean cold days and even colder nights.

You can help those in need this winter by spreading the warmth across the Quad Cities.

Give The Gift Of Warmth


The folks at QC Custom Tees & More are spreading the warmth across the QC. The program will provide hoodies and hats to those in need this winter. After the Holidays donations to shelters & other programs seem to drop off.

QC Custom Tees & More is hoping the community can come together and help with these issues. Every donation and sponsorship they receive will go towards a hat & hoodie for someone in need.

$20 Can Make A Difference

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Programs benefiting from the QC Custom Tees fundraiser are Project NOW Community Action Agency, Christian Care, and Kings Harvest.   These foundations serve both sides of the river and play a crucial role in supporting our community during the colder months.

QC Custom Tees' goal is to raise $8,000.00 and provide over 400 people in need with new winter essentials.  A $20 sponsorship is enough for a warm stocking cap & hoodie for 1 person.

If you, or your business, is looking to do more, QC Custom Tees are offering sponsorship levels. With the sponsorship levels, your name or company name will be added to the back of the hoodies. With the sponsorship levels, QC Custom Tees will cover the taxes & fees and we will provide you with an invoice that can be used for tax purposes.

Bronze Level - $100
Silver Level - $250
Gold Level - $500
Platinum - $1000

QC Custom Tees
QC Custom Tees

Support today with your donation here.

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