Do you find yourself googling about storm warnings and watches? If you're like me and never 100% certain on what weather is coming your way after receiving an alert, this will help.

As a parent, my kids ask what an alert means when they hit my phone. "What does that mean?" "Which is worse, a warning or a watch?" My son, who is in middle school, is more inquisitive than ever so I must have an accurate explanation or the questions will never stop.

After reading this you might be extremely excited to share this example with family and friends.


Thankfully, the fire department in Normal, Illinois came up with a not-so-normal explanation and I'm not even mad. They made it so easy to explain the difference between a warning and a watch. This might even help you remember especially if you're a foodie.

The Normal Fire Department used my absolute favorite food to help us all remember the difference between the severe weather advisories. They used tacos.

Watch : We have the ingredients to make tacos.
Warning : We are having tacos. Right now.

This is such a great way to teach anyone the difference or help them recall the difference.


Some other multi-ingredient food that could be used to explain "watch vs. warnings."

  • Pizza
  • Lasagna
  • Chili
  • Omelets
  • Ice cream w/toppings
  • A fancy coffee drink

If you're a longtime Illinois or Wisconsin resident you know severe storms and tornadoes can happen when you least expect it. Hopefully, the taco comparison will help us all remember the difference between a watch and a warning.

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