After a long wait, and then an even longer wait due to some downtime for being sick, Aaron is here with a rippin' playlist to get the weekend started. If you want to host your own hour, we'll get you in here eventually!  Just sign up right here, and then check your email...and your junk email cause that is where all mine go...and we'll get you in to pick all the music and host your own hour.

My name is Aaron Voorhis.

I love hard rock cause it's the only true music out there.

My favorite bands are Ice Nine Kills and Parkway Drive.

My favorite concert was Ice Nine Kills at the Rust Belt.

Wage War-Circle The Drain
Ice Nine Kills-Thank God it's Friday
Parkway Drive-Wild Eyes
All That Remains-The Last Time
Lacuna Coil- Heaven's a Lie
Ice Nine Kills-Funeral Derangements
Mushroomhead-Sun Doesn't Rise
Killswitch Engage-End of Heartache
Ghost-Square Hammer
Lamb of God-Memento Mori

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