In case you've had your head stuck in the Covid Cloud for the past couple weeks, we've finally begun to announce that it's concert season in the Quad Cities!  We've got the Badflower show coming up this Friday, we've got the sold out Corey Taylor show in June(you can still sign up to win a free pair of tickets courtesy of I-Rock 93.5 here), and we've got Shinedown coming to the Mississippi Valley Fair in August.  Now that we know its really happening, we need to start getting ready.

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If you are like me preparing for a concert, you go to the venue hours ahead of time, waiting in line just to get as close to the stage as possible!  Obviously this will vary if you have actual paid seats, but I'm talking about just general admission, which we all know is a lawless wasteland when it comes to getting a good vantage point.  In this scenario, there are certain things you need to have on you so once you get that perfect spot and view of the stage, you can just camp there and never have to fight your way back through the crowd to get back up front.  Below is a list of necessities to add to your Concert Season Survival Pack.

  • Water Bottles - Obviously this is a must.  Whether its an outdoor festival, or an indoor show, one thing's for sure, its gonna be hot.  You're going to need to stay hydrated in order to keep those devil horns flying all night.
  • ID - Depending on if it is an all ages show, or 18+ its a good idea to be able to prove you belong.  Not to mention, you can ask that girl you've been eyeballing all night how old she really is.
  • Cold Hard Cash - While you may not want to lose your spot to grab a drink, there are always other people who can be persuaded to fly if you buy.
  • Sharpie - If you do your homework and know all the boys or girls in the band and their faces, its important to have a Sharpie on you in case you bump into somebody you want an autograph from.  Paper is optional, I'm sure they will gladly sign a body part instead.

So this is the minimalist survival pack when it comes to an indoor show.  If you want to spice it up, and you have a bag or purse, you could add in things like deodorant, snacks, and Excedrin.  Also, if its an outdoor show, its important to pack sunscreen and bug spray.  I can't tell you how many sunburns I've gotten during festivals because I "didn't need" sunscreen.  As long as you've got these things ready to go, you should be good to go for the whole show, but if I missed anything let me know!  As always, we're all in this together.


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