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Hi, I'm Grim.

I love hard rock because it helps get me through my work day! It's also great for house parties with a BBQ and throwing back some cold ones!

I actually have two favorite bands, Slipknot and Korn.

The best concert I've seen, to me, was the winter tour of Korn in 2020, right before covid hit full force. I was able to be right at the front of the stage. Was an awesome time!


We hooked up both of them with shirts...and yes, Grim made sure that other station was clearly covered with the rock.

My playlist:

  1. Slipknot - Wait and Bleed
  2. Slipknot - Duality
  3. Korn - Falling Away From Me
  4. Korn -  Freak On A Leash
  5. Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
  6. Disturbed - Stupify
  7. Marylin Manson - Beautiful People
  8. Marylin Manson - Sweet Dreams
  9. Alborn - Full Circle
  10. Limp Bizkit - Rollin
  11. Limp Bizkit - Behind blue eyes
  12. Static X - Push It
  13. Static X - The Only

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