Apparently 46% of Americans will not be celebrating Halloween by handing out candy this year.  I get it, you don't want to interact with people due to the Rona.  But there are ways around it.  Like a candy shoot.  I did not build one that cool.  In fact, mine is decorated with Disney Princesses because that is what my 5-year-old daughter wanted to do.

So with my tube, I will be handing out candy at the Ryan Estate.  However I started thinking, if I'm sliding candy down a tube like that, should I get the "normal" Halloween candy.  You know, the random mini candies that can be found anywhere.

This is standard and what most kids are used to.  But, you remember the house that gave out the FULL size candy bars.  I always thought those houses were ballers.

Turns out, it's about the same cost.  Cause the house handing out the full size bars gives 1 of them.  Meanwhile, the house handing out the small pieces, are giving handfuls at a time. When I looked at the prices I found 20 full size bars for around $13.  And the above bag for $23.  If you give 5 pieces to each kid from the above bag, you'll have enough for 70 monsters.  While only 40 kids will get the full size for about the same price.  But for any extra $20...don't you want to be a baller.

I normally give out the minis.  But this year, I feel like with the candy shoot I should just be sending one bar down the tube instead of plugging it up with a random handful of mini candy.

Also, I feel like the minis have more packaging waste.  And with all the political signs and political flyers that have been wasting paper, it wouldn't be bad to try and save a tree this year.

So what are you doing this year.  If you say nothing, what would 8-year-old you say?  Call you a silly poo poo head probably.  Make a tube.  Set out a bowl.  Throw it at the kids from the roof.  These kids have been through a lot already this year.  Give them a full size candy ball and be a baller.

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