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My name is Eric Brown. I am 51 years old and a lifelong resident of the Quad Cities.  I love Hard Rock because of the intensity of the music and there has always been an air of rebellion that comes with it.  My favorite band is Metallica.  It was the band that got me into metal.  The best concert I have seen.....Any time I have seen Metallica! Hope to see ya soon! HORNS!

  1. Conductor-Metal Church
  2. Battery-Metallica
  3. Painkiller-Judas Priest
  4. In Union We Stand-Overkill
  5. Peace Sells...-Megadeth
  6. Raining Blood-Slayer
  7. Dragula -Rob Zombie
  8. Defeatist-Hatebreed
  9. Bury Me With My Guns-Bobaflex
  10. Violent Revolution-Kreator
  11. Children Of The Grave-Black Sabbath
  12. Greed Killing-Napalm Death
  13. The Enemy Inside-Six Feet Under

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