What better way to celebrate the one year anniversary of I-Rock 93.5 by putting our logo over your bits and pieces.

Introducing, for a limited time only, I-Rock 93.5 boxers, shorties and thongs.  Sorry fellas, no tighty whities.  But you might be able to get some of the ladies undies and pack yourself in.  We won't judge. But we really just recommend the boxers.

Ladies, we give you options.  "Shorties" in 3 colors.  Or make the night really count with a black "GetHard" thong.  Again, we won't judge.

The store closes on September 20* so don't wait.  Get yourself a pair.  Get some for Christmas presents.  The red ones seem appropriate for Valentine's Day.  Get 7 and Get Hard every day of the week.

Toss out the old hole filled boxers and underwear you've been wearing since high school and upgrade to Get Hard.  Click here to get yours today!

*Orders will be taken until September 20.  At that time QC Custom tees will print all orders and have them available for pick up or delivery.

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