The potential Kings and Queens have been selected.  But that doesn't mean you are shut out from the coronation party.  Actually, for you to win tickets is super easy.  Just show up to Gunchies Saturday (May 28) from 5:00-7:00 p.m. for our party and you have a chance to win tickets to Slipknot, Three Days Grace, Crobot/Shaman's Harvest, As I Lay Dying, Black Stone Cherry, and/or more.

*Must be present to win.
*Winning names will be drawn after all Mr. and Mrs. I-Rock challenges are complete.
*One entry per person.

Gunchies will have food and drink specials as well including:

  • $8 Burger Baskets
  • $3 Tall Boys
  • $6 Beer n Bombs

You know you rock.  Now it's time to prove it and be crowned Mr. and Mrs. I-Rock.  And to the victor go the spoils.  One man and one woman will both win tickets to every rock show coming to the Quad Cities for the rest of the year plus cash and more that you can check out below!

So you rock but the spouse doesn't, or you don't have a spouse, well Mr. and Mrs. I-Rock do not need to be a couple.

Mr. and Mrs. I-Rock is presented by the Dispensary in Fulton!

The Dipensary
The Dipensary

Listen, enter, compete, and be crowned.

Listen May 2 - May 20, Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. for the songs of the day. Enter the song titles below when you hear them.

Every day one man and one woman will qualify and be invited to compete in a no holds barred competition on May 28 from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. at Gunchies in Davenport.  (2905 Telegraph Rd, Davenport, IA 52804)

You will compete against one another and test all the skills that our King and Queen must possess.

  • Rock Trivia - Who knows their rock facts?
  • Name That Tune - Who knows their rock songs?
  • Beer Pong - Who can still party like they are in college?
  • Radio Speak - Who can say things like you are on the radio?  Like that jackass does while you work and interrupts your music...but better than how he does it.  Bring your friends, cause the winner of this will be determined by the audience response!
  • Drumstick Catch - Like at a concert, who can catch the drumstick over, and over and over, from the farthest distance?  (If it rains, we'll do it with guitar picks inside Gunchies.)

After the finalists go through these feats of wit and strength, two will emerge as our champions and be crowned Mr. and Mrs. I-Rock.  *In case of a point tie winner will be determined by random drawing at the event.

You will seriously win tickets to all the shows and...

Yes, both Mr. and Mrs. I-Rock will win tickets to every rock show coming to the Quad Cities for the rest of the year.  So if it's a band we play and they are playing The Rust Belt, the TaxSlayer Center, The Adler Theater, or the Mississippi Valley Fair you are getting a pair of tickets to the show!

Here is everything both Mr. and Mrs. I-Rock will win.

  • A pair of tickets to all the shows coming to the QC for the rest of 2022.  This currently includes; Knotfest, Shaman's Harvest, As I Lay Dying, Three Days Grace, and Fun Cards for the MVF.  *Concert tickets for winners TBD by I-Rock 93.5.  Must be a Quad Cities concert and include band(s) that the station plays.
  • $250 in cash thanks to Dispensary in Fulton.
  • A crown for the King.  A tiara for the Queen.
  • A case of "imported" beer.
  • I-Rock swag.
  • Whatever other random things we "find" around the Rock & Roll Mansion.

Get hard, get qualified, and get crowned.  Here you go!

Are You QC AF? Take The Test.

If you are from the Quad Cities, there are certain things you do and say that folks from outside the area might not understand. Weather you’ve lived here your entire life, or just a couple years, it’s time to put your QC to the test to find out if you are “QC AF”.
Below are 25 questions to test your knowledge and life experience of the Quad Cities. Keep track and see where you rank. Then share it, if you aren’t ashamed, to show how QC you are.

25-20 points – You are QC AF!
19-15 points – Reppin’ the QC strong.
15-10 points – Average. You put the “C” in the QC.
10-5 points – Do you even QC bro.
5-0 points – Move back to Chicago.


Davenport-opoly is just like Monopoly but Davenport-themed! Get 5 of your friends and gather around to board for a fun game night that features Davenport-opoly.

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