It's a weird thing to be known for. There is one Illinois city that can claim it is the rat capital of America for the 8th straight year. Well, rats. Literally.

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This notorious claim to fame from Orkin goes to Chicago, Illinois for the 8th straight year. The "Most Rat-Infested" city in America is the Windy City according to their data and there really isn't a close 2nd.

How did they figure out Chicago was full of rats?

Orkin actually used science to determine this ranking. They tabulated all of the rat-infested treatments they did from September of 2021 through August of 2022. With the numbers crunched, Chicago is #1. So so proud.

Even New York and Los Angeles couldn't content with Chicago's rats. If you're wondering about St. Louis, it's way down at #30. Perhaps their rats are sneakier? Hey, it's just a theory.

Why is Chicago full of rats?

That's a great question and I don't have a scientific answer. I could argue that the notorious cold and windy winters thanks to Lake Michigan cause more rats to seek shelter inside in Chicago compared to other cities, but that's just me guessing.

Congrats to you, Chicago. Rats are now another thing you can brag about to your out-of-state friends.

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