A cattle farmer in Brazil said his steer that escaped from the farm and ended up going down a waterslide at the neighboring country club isn't going to slaughter, but is being kept as a pet.

Carlos Miguel Serante said a 2-year-old steer escaped from his farm down in Nova Granada and made its way next door to Indaia Club de Campo where he climbed onto a waterslide and went down into the pool.

The cow went halfway down the slide and then stopped himself. Video then shows a man roping the steer and helping it the rest of the way down the slide and into the water.

Since the incident, the cow has become a local celebrity. Although it had been scheduled for slaughter, Carlos is going to keep it as a pet.


"I looked to see if he had any injuries, but he's fine. He'll stay here because of the people. The people want to know where he is. He's been the attraction. Everyone wants to know. We want to take him to the club," the farmer told news outlet G1.

Diário da Região - São José do Rio Preto via YouTube
Diário da Região - São José do Rio Preto via YouTube

The cow is now going by the name Toboga, which is Portugese for 'Slide.'

Read more at Fohla De S. Paulo

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