If you would have told me a few months ago that I would be excited to see gas hit $3.99 I would have laughed in your face. The idea of gas "dropping" to that low would have been wild to me since I was avoiding anywhere that was over $3.18, and yet here I am now writing a story about how I and Facebook friends lost our minds in excitement over the drop in price for a special at Hy-vee.

The Special

As I scrolled through Facebook yesterday, I noticed some friends sharing posts about a gas special.

I was shocked to see a price below $4. Now this was happening in Cedar Rapids Iowa, and I wasn't about to drive an hour for that price cause that makes zero sense, but it did make me think about how wild it is that in such a short time, a price I once thought was so high, was now considered low to me.

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Why This Is Strange To Me

If you have been driving for some time then you've seen gas prices skyrocket before. Between 2006 and 2008 are a prime example. I wasn't driving at the time because I was still a kid, so this major rise in prices is new to me, and it's almost so outrageous that it's comical to see myself get excited about a price that only a month ago I thought was high. It truly is a crazy time to be alive.

Gas prices over the years

Here is a quick look at what prices in America roughly looked like in June over the years. Thankfully Iowa is usually below the average, meaning we are saving a little bit more than others.

2007: $3.103

2008: $4.105

2009: $2.681

2010: $2.785

2011: $3.735

2012: $3.596

2013: $3.689

2014: $3.766

2015: $2.885

2016: $2.467

2017: $2.460

2018: $2.970

2019: $2.804

2020: $1.961

2021: $3.076

2021: $4.545

You can see more here.

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