Now available in Illinois, Blues Brothers themed marijuana.

My wife and I were trying to find something to watch on television over the weekend. I joked that I was looking for a show about drugs because I like drug shows. She immediately started making fun of me. What I really meant was I enjoy mob and gang type movies. We got a good laugh out of it.

Speaking of drug shows, I have found a new one that I've gotten into lately. It's called "Growing Belushi" on the Discovery Channel." It's about the actor, Jim Belushi, and his pot farm in Oregon. It is pretty entertaining. He's such a goofball.

Check out a trailer...

For more info about "Growing Belushi," HERE.

Spoiler alert... In the show, Belushi has named some of his weed products after one of the icon movies his brother, Jim, starred in, "Blues Brothers."

If you're not familiar with the cannabis industry, the name is a big deal. Each strain is unique and has its own special name. For example, Blue Mountain River. With so much competition, the name can really make it stand out in a crowded marketplace. A name like Blues Brothers would give him a huge advantage.

Unfortunately, not every kind of marijuana is available everywhere. Remember when you couldn't get Coors Beer on this side of the Mississippi River.

Well, with Jim and John's Chicago roots and the movie based there too, it was important for it to be available here. Good news, now it is.

According to,

"The Greenhouse Group will open one of the largest marijuana dispensaries in Illinois Thursday in Skokie and it will feature a line of Blues Brothers-themed products from actor Jim Belushi. The two-story building will exclusively feature a line of Blues Brothers-themed products from actor and Wheaton native Jim Belushi and Belushi's Farm."

No word if smoking Blues Brothers pot is considered being on a mission from God.

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