Bettendorf has a brand new fitness equipment store and as we inch closer to the holiday season, they are already giving back. Wilton-based fitness company, Treadmill Heroes, now has a second location and they have a chance for customers to win big.

On Tuesday a local fitness equipment store announced that after 12 years of servicing the Quad Cities area, Treadmill Heroes has opened a second fitness equipment retail location in Bettendorf just in time for the fall season. The new location opened on July 1st. Treadmill Heroes' home base is located in Wilton.

Treadmill Heroes is a fitness equipment service company that for the last two years has also been selling new and used exercise equipment.

Treadmill Heroes has participated in a variety of events within the community including the QC Marathon, Shine On Quad Cities, the Bettendorf Halloween parade, and other events.

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Sales associate - Kristen, Store manager - Kacey, and Commercial sales rep - Don are pictured inside the new Bettendorf location.
Sales associate - Kristen, Store manager - Kacey, and Commercial sales rep - Don are pictured inside the new Bettendorf location.

Joe Brammeier, owner of Treadmill Heroes said in the press release,

“We love participating in local events and finding new and inventive ways to give back to those in the community."

Treadmill Heroes even gave away a brand new NordicTrack treadmill at the end of October.

If you stop by the Bettendorf store during the month of November, Treadmill Heroes is giving away a brand new set of Bowflex Selecttech Barbells with the purchase of a piece of equipment over $1200. This is only while supplies last

Treadmill Heroes is located in Bettendorf at 5163 Competition Drive. They are open, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. -7 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and Sunday from 12 p.m.-5 p.m. You can find them online at


Everyone is rejoicing that the McRib is back! You can hear the chanting from down the block. Everyone is washing their hands a little bit more due to the bbq sauce residue and it's wonderful.

All is right with the world.

But it isn't always like this. The McRib will leave soon and we'll have to settle for a McChicken or a Double Quarter Pounder like a peasant. Life isn't fair. We know this.

However, my cousin Steve has figured out a way to beat the system.

He's gotten his hands dirty and experimented so we don't have to. He has perfected the DIY McRib!

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