Those who love to take advantage of the bike paths and pedestrian walkways around the Quad Cities are going to love what Bettendorf is up to.

Those who find those bike paths and pedestrian walkways a bit too shady and are worried they'll be drug into the woods surrounding it are going to be super pumped!

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The City of Bettendorf's Facebook page shared a video rendering of the new "Urban Park" that will be built underneath the new I-74 bridge.

This looks to be an incredible addition for the outdoors lovers of the area.  It's got plenty of room to walk, jog, or bike and a view that would make any couch potato want to leave the creature comforts and get some fresh air and sunlight.

Health Conscious City

Bettendorf has been making plans to become a more health-conscious town.

According to QConline: "Bettendorf's plan is to create a more pedestrian-friendly path by widening the sidewalks, moving the farmer's market to a more centrally located place, adding more healthy foods to school lunches, adding water stations, especially along trails and in schools, adding community gardens and edible landscaping, installing bike racks, promoting walking or biking groups, and developing a nicotine-free park policy".

What About the Old Bridge?

In case you were wondering, demolition of the old bridge is anticipated to begin sometime next month. Look for an announcement to be made with complete info coming soon.

Here are some of the ways they'll be implementing the plans to make Bettendorf the most healthy town in Iowa:

Bettendorf's New "Urban Park" is Planned for Under the New I-74 Bridge

Check out the new park being planned for 2023

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