Scientists have not discovered the reason why, but for some reason, drinks just taste better when drank outside.  A warm summer evening or night.  Or even a warm summer day on a Sunday Funday.  The sun, the sites, the sounds, and the tastes all just come to together.  Especially, when you are on the right rockin patio.

We asked.  And you answered with some of the best patios in the Quad Cities.  You can see the list of places to check out below and if you have more to suggest, send us an email or a message on our app with where, why and some pics and we'll let the Quad Cities know where they should go.

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What makes a great patio experience?

Every bar patio in the Quad Cities, and really the world, has some kind of drinks and maybe some kind of food.  So what sets the average ones apart from the great ones?  There are 3 main factors that can make a bar/restaurant patio great.

1 - Music

If a place is playing the wrong music, or no music at all, it will totally kill the vibe.  When you find a place that is playing good tunes it adds so much to the overall experience.

2 - Sun vs. Shade

Sometimes you want to sit in that open space and feel the heat of the sun on your skin while sipping on your drink.  But on other days, you want the cool shade on that warm summer day.  Bonus points if the patio can give you the sun and either fans or better yet, mister fans to keep you cool.  Just watch the time in the sun so you don't end up looking like a tomato.

3 - Games

A good bar patio has options.  The seating and areas to just chill with the music.  Or the games to keep it lively.  Of course, there are big physical games like volleyball or horseshoes.  For those that want to have that fun but not work up a sweat, a good patio will have things like giant Jenga or giant Connect Four.  Really any kid game that is now adult size can add an extra something to the bar patio.

4 - The Views.

Your preference of views can be different.  The river.  All the motorcycles that are parked in the lot.  The eye candy of the other patio dwellers in the summer sun.  However you roll, a good view takes the last of the senses to the ultimate level and makes that drink taste even better.

In the Quad Cities, we only get 4, maybe 5 months to enjoy these fine patios.  Find the good ones and enjoy them while you can.  Cheers.

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