Every year we flip the calendar from March to April and, if we are smart, we know to be on the look out for pranks, jokes and tricks because it is of course April Fool's Day.

Now I've never been a practical joke fan.  Maybe it's because when I was younger the joke was always on me.  Of course those weren't practical...those were just pants down around the ankles while standing at the locker.  Classmates weren't clever enough to really think of a practical joke.  Any way, save that for the shrink.

However, in 2021 April Fool's Day as we used to know it for all intents and purposes, is cancelled.  Not because of COVID.  You can still pull a prank on somebody from 6ft away with a mask on if you dare.  Actually the mask might make the joke better.  No, the day is cancelled because of lawyers, technology and the cancel culture.

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Let's start with any media outlet.  They have the ability to pull of the best of the best pranks.  War of the Worlds?  Spaghetti Tree?  Good stuff creating mass panic and confusion.  Yeah, try that today as a radio station, TV station or even your cousins blog. You'd be sued before you even said it was a joke.  Every person in any form of media has been sent the note from the corporate lawyers reminding them not to do any type of April Fool's Day jokes.  I can't say "you could win a ____ oh April Fool's!"  Yeah, the "April Fool's Day Defense" doesn't fly in court.  So there is cancelation number one.

The second and third reasons the day is canceled tie together.  Everything is recorded nowadays, and somebody from the cancel culture will see it and get offended.  They are just the worst.  Think of the pranks you pulled or had pulled on you back in the day.  Now, put that in 2021.  Yep, you're cancelled!  Sure, there are "harmless" pranks and maybe you can try some of these on April 1.  But I warn you, try this on the wrong person, or even if the actual person doesn't care...but it gets recorded and goes viral on social media, and it's game over for you.

So good luck.  Watch your back.  Don't believe anything until you verify it with like 5 sources.  Set off an EMP before you pull any prank so nobody can record it.

Quad City Area Home With Waterslide, Stage & More Selling For $2.5 Million

This gorgeous home for sale is just an hour away from the Quad Cities. Located at 26960 Sieverding Ridge in Bellevue, IA, this beautiful home is what the realtor is calling "an entertainers dream". It has 4 bedrooms, 3.75 bathrooms, a 4 car garage, an in ground pool with a 97 foot waterslide, a full lodge with a bar and stage, and so much more. This is the listing of the house, according to the Dubuque Area For Sale By Owner website.

This property has a 4,499 square foot house, a detached lodge with full bar and garage/workspace/shop, and an in ground fiberglass pool with a 97 foot water slide and pool house .

This gorgeous home is located in the country and is just 2 minutes away from homey, beautiful, Bellevue, Iowa. 

It features many custom upgrades including, but not limited too:
  • All brick home
  • Granite countertops including 2 islands in the main kitchen
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Beverage cooler
  • Maple and bamboo hardwood floors
  • 2 fireplaces
  • Large master suite
  • Walk-in closets
  • Full kitchen in the basement
  • 3 dishwashers
  • Large walk in pantry
  • Large dining room area
  • 2 laundry rooms
  • Forced air heat and central air
  • Mud room/ locker area off the garage
  • Office
  • Large windows that allows natural lighting.

The property also includes a detached garage/lodge/bar/shop area that 3,440 square foot and all brick. The garage/lodge also has many customs upgrades including, but not limited too:
  • Full kitchen with granite countertops
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Living and dining area
  • Full bathroom
  • Storage area that is currently used as a hunting lodge
  • Forced air heat and central air
  • Full bar entertainment area with stage that seats 50 plus people
  • Additional garage area that can used for multiple purposes including shop area, boat storage, etc. 

And of course this home has a gorgeous in ground pool and gorgeous outdoor space. The in ground fiberglass pool is salt water and 16' x 40' and a kiddie pool/ tanning ledge that is 8' x 16' and an automatic pool cover. The pool also includes a basketball hoop. A large concrete deck overlooks the pool area where the 97 foot water slide begins. 

There is a pool house too that includes a half bathroom, storage area, pool equipment room, full bar with ice machine, beverage coolers, stainless steel sinks, and concrete bar. A large built in pergola sits on the tanning deck which provides cooling shade. The pool is surrounded by concrete that creates space for many entertainment options. 

See what this gorgeous, $2.5 million home in Bellevue, IA looks like below!

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