We all know Siri can be a bit of a prude, and won't respond if you use the slightest amount of colorful language, but there's a point where it gets ridiculous.

There's something that was pointed out by The Verge that'll make you scratch your head, and that's the weird factoid that iPhone's weather apps don't display the temperature as 69 degrees.

Apple's weather app will round the temperature down to 68 degrees, or up to 70 degrees. It's not clear whether this is something done on purpose, but if you click on the Weather Channel's source weather, you'll see that the "real" temperature is 69 degrees.

Apple Weather
Weather Channel

It would make more sense that the source data would convert this way from Celsius, rather than some nerds are sitting at their desk trying to figure out how to code the number 69 out of their weather app.

The Verge reported that phones running iOS 11.2.1 showed 69 degrees, and so did phones running iOS 15, so it's possible that it's just a random little glitch that's been fixed in the next update.

Read more at The Verge

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