Facial piercings are a staple of rock and metal fashion. Like eye-catching tattoos, lavish hairstyles and flamboyant clothing, piercings are a means by which rock stars have been expressing themselves for decades.

And when it comes to iconic piercings, the world of rock and metal has had some crackers. Disturbed frontman David Draiman's double labret piercing stood-out more than most for many years, before the vocalist eventually decided to remove it after realizing he was tired of looking like "a 45-year-old Hot Topic kid."

One hell of a self-burn.

Elsewhere, emo and pop-punk bands of the noughties such as blink-182, Good Charlotte and AFI saw their members embrace facial piercings, while modern favorites Motionless in White, Bring Me the Horizon and Black Veil Brides have since kept the trend alive.

Then, there's Ministry's Al Jourgensen, who went and got 16 facial piercings done in a single sitting after losing a bet to his daughter. Legend.

In celebration of rock's love of piercings, we've rounded up images of 16 rock stars who have — at one point or another — donned some facial jewelry, with 'then' and 'now' shots showing whether they've stuck with it.

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