The Quad Cities love to show off their holiday spirit with the best holiday light displays.  Enough lights to be seen from space.  More blowups than your local hardware store.  Even their own radio station playing music to match the bouncing lights.  This year, see them all from the comfort of a limo!

We want to hook you up with a free limo ride around town thanks to Darkhorse Limo.  You and up to 8 family members/friends will hop in the back of a limo and be driven to all the best places in town.  You won't have to worry about traffic, or kids complaining and you can even have a sip or two of your favorite beverage while checking out the best lights in town.

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Before you sign up below to win that awesome experience for your family, let me just remind you that while you being driven around in your 200ish horsepower sleigh you can listen to nonstop Christmas Music on our station app or on any computer.

You might also be thinking, "I would love to see all the lights, but my light display will probably be better".  Then you should totally put your house in the running to win $500!  Yes, we are giving $500 to somebody who displays holiday spirit as we "Light Up The Quad Cities".  Check out the details here.

Back to that free limo from Darkhorse Limo.  Sign up below to create lasting memories with your family with a chauffeured limo drive around the Quad Cities to see the best Christmas Light displays in town.

*Contest ends December 13 at 3pm CST
*Route determined by the radio station and Darkhorse Limo
*Limo holds up to 9 people
*Winner responsible for any drinks/food
*Winner responsible for driver tip.  Please be sure to tip.

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