Hello my name is Jeremy Sides. I live in Geneseo, IL. I am the owner of Eclipse Gunworks in Silvis, IL. I am an avid concert goer. I started seeing shows at 15 yrs old and have been full throttle since! I have attended roughly 250 concerts.

I fell in love with hard rock early when I was in 5th grade skateboarding with some older kids. We listened to a lot of Metallica & Pantera! For me the music is very motivational and keeps me going!

My favorite band hands down is Pantera!! I think they set the bar high, and no one will ever reach that. Slipknot is close though, lol. Just the effort, style, and character the had was second to none. Phil’s powerful voice, Rex throwing down some bass, Vinny Paul’s energy on drums, and Dimebag’s shredding on guitar! The Abbott brothers were the nicest guys you’ll ever meet!

It’s really hard to pick a favorite show considering how many I have seen. But I will say one of my most memorable was seeing Pantera in the late 90’s in Cedar Rapids and they came out to play and stop in the middle of their first song. They had technical difficulties with their sound. So they just decided to party on stage while they waited. It was pretty fun and just showed the type of guys they were!

Check out my playlist:

Pantera-Mouth of War
Motionless in White- Eternally Yours
Nonpoint-Wheel Against Will
Chevelle-Joyride (Omen)
Mudvayne-Nothing to Gein
Coal Chamber-Untrue
Breaking Benjamin-Sugarcoat
Slipknot-Nero Forte
Foo Fighters-Run
Korn-Love & Meth
White Zombie - Thrust!
In This Moment-Adrenalize


Davenport-opoly is just like Monopoly but Davenport-themed! Get 5 of your friends and gather around to board for a fun game night that features Davenport-opoly.

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