The person that was supposed to be on this week had to bail last minute, John has stepped up and is ready to get your weekend started.  If you want to host your own hour sign up here.

I'm John, AKA Johnny B, Johnny Badd and Johnny Exotic. I  work in a factory that blows but pays the bills and I have a website , . I got a bitchin Camaro and a mullet. I love all kinds of music but hard rock grabs ya by the woohoo and won't let go. Megadeth is probably my all time favorite. I first seen them when they opened for Alice Cooper back in like 85. That was the best show ever, Alice Cooper was fantastic.

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Check out my playlist:
Wasp ..I wanna be somebody
Megadeth .. Train of consequences
Slayer .. Dead skin mask
Metallica .. Breadfan
Judas Priest .. Johnny b good
Motorhead .. I'm so bad
Megadeth .. Sweating bullets
Skid row .. Slave to the grind
Drowning pool ..  Rebel yell
Dinosaur pile up.. Back foot
Static x .. Push it
In this moment .. Black wedding
The great Kat .. Funeral march

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