Who am I- Jeff Dowler, Southern Soul born in the North. 29 years old, guitarist, singer, songwriter. Old school gamer, nicest asshole you'll ever meet, and professional beer drinker.

Why I love rock- Freedom. Rock is everything free. Any mood, any problem, any feeling inside, there is a rock song that will speak to you. No other kind of music can do that to me. The right rock song can speak to me in ways that no person could ever express to me. It has literally saved my life. I owe a lot back to rock n roll, and that's why I create my own. It's pure passion, anger, love, fear, anxiety, and bliss wrapped into one, and nothing can or will ever compare.

Favorite band/Artist- My favorite all around artist is the man himself, Corey Taylor. He can do everything with his voice. It still blows my mind from time to time how versatile he is. My favorite band, however, is my first love, the band that made me a metalhead, the band that taught me how to play guitar, The Mighty Metallica. Their music has helped me through almost everything in life. Master of Puppets changed the fiber of my being the first time I heard it. I dunno who or where I would be without their music.

Best Show- Very very hard question. But i have to say Slayer-November 6 2011 at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX. Pure. Loud. Rude. Aggression. One of the last shows the late Jeff Hanneman was able to even appear at. The entire concert was crazy, nonstop headbanging perfection. And Brian Posehn introduced them after doing a stand up set on the same stage.

That's me in a nutshell! Now here are some freaking awesome songs everyone should listen to.

Taciturn-Stone Sour
Fade to Black-Metallica
Spiders-System of a Down
Changes-Black Sabbath
Your Betrayal-Bullet for my Valentine
In My Darkest Hour-Megadeth
This Fire Burns-Killswitch Engage
Yellow Ledbetter-Pearl Jam

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